Saturday, April 2, 2011

Who We Are - About Travails of Manifestation®

Travails of Manifestation® is an intercession based teaching program that focuses on birthing, strengthening and training leaders in the Body how to manifest Christ in power through Godly character and integrity. Through the combined methods of both intercession and spiritual and practical teaching, this empowering program is designed to provide Biblically sound teaching and training on how to perfect the life of Christ within that we may utilize our gifts and character for the Kingdom. We specialize in facilitating personalized in-house teachings and classes for established leaders (i.e., elders, ministers etc.) and aspiring leaders within ministries and organizations as well as designing external seminars and conferences to prophetically echo the Word of the Lord for each dispensation of Glory across the states. We target, but are not limited to serving; churches, ministries, non-profit and for profit organizations, choirs, singing groups, and whomever else is willing and ready to manifest in power and effective leadership for the Kingdom!

For more information, please write us at:
Travails of Manifestation® 
P.O. Box 684
Brandywine, Maryland 20613

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